Dipartimento di elettronica ed informazione Dipartimento di elettronica ed informazione
Giuseppina Gini
Associate professor - Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione . Politecnico di Milano . piazza L. da Vinci 32, I-20133 MILANO


My lab is called VHUMAIDA (Virtual lab for HUMAnoids and Intelligent Data Analysis). There my past research activity and current agenda is carried out around two main themes: huma and ida.The huma approach is how to develop from bottom humanoid robotics with the idea of making bodies for our autonomous systems. The ida approach is how to smootly integrate learning and statistics to obtain significant performances in the artificial brain.

In the past I had the honor of working with outstanding researchers: in the University of Milano with Giulio Maccacaro who introduced the statistical approach in biomedicine, at the Stanford University with Thomas Binford ( a founder of computer vision), Bruce Buchanan and John McCarthy (fathers of AI), and Oleg Jardetzky who first beleived in the integration of AI and NMR.

I have the luck of cooperating in international research programs with the most active and visionary people. I just mention the ones that are also friends, as Alan Katrizky, the father of computational chemistry, Ramon Carbo Dorca, the developer of quantum similarity, and all the happy people of Mario Negri and Biochemics.

I also found some excellent students and young researchers who always helped me in "making the next step". Some of them are still in the research arena as Daniel Neagu (University of Bradford), Domenico Sorrenti and Fabio Marchese (University of Milano), Davide Brugali (University of Bergamo). Some are still working with me, as Michele Folgheraiter and Umberto Scarfogliero, the visionary "transparent humans" as I call them .


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