This page contains information and links to poliGMDH, the DEI implementation of a GMDH type Neural Network. We kindly acknowledge partial support for its development from the EU projects Demetra (2003-6), EASYRING (2003-6), and ION (2004-6), where poliGMDH has been developed and used to create QSAR models.  A short presentation in pdf of the application is here.  For more details about the GMDH method go to the official site GMDH.

This program is copyrighted but free to use. It is offered without any warranty. If you download it on your computer please send a message to, any comment should be addressed to

Download the executable platform-independent JAR file (requires Java 5 or later) as either of the two following files:

PoliGMDH-4.3.jar (binary only), size 1.6 MB. The file PoliGMDH-4.3.jar with the executable .jar Version 4.3 

PoliGMDH-4.3.jar (binary + source), size 3.6 MB. The file PoliGMDH-4.3-src.jar containes also the source Java code

The file poliGMDHuserguide.pdf includes a short user guide for the version 4.